Welcome! Here, I’ve collected some images that I derived from my work on mathematical analysis. Hopefully you find them as pleasing as I do!

Evolution of Dynamical Systems

Loci Generated by an Integral-Determinant Equation

This is a collection of loci that I generated from my examples of solutions to the following integral-determinant equation:

\displaystyle \left(\int_{\Omega}\det(A)\mathrm{d}x\right)\left(\int_{\Omega}\det(A^{-1})\mathrm{d}x\right)=1.

Please visit my Determinant Integrals page where this equation is discussed in detail.

Commutativity of Integration & Determinant

The images here correspond to families of solutions to the equation

\displaystyle \det(T(A))=\int_{\Omega}\det(A)\mathrm{d}x.

Please visit the Determinant Integrals page for a full discussion of this equation.

Solutions to an Averaged Integral-Determinant Equation

Date Produced: 23-05-2021

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