Below are a few plots of mine for your viewing pleasure. These images depict the evolution of discrete-time dynamical systems that I devised following a coding exercise on Ikeda Maps. While you’re here, feel free to explore

  • The Integral Corner: a place where I collect some of my favourite integrals, most of which I created for fun since August 2017;
  • Nested Radicals: an account of my results on evaluating nested radicals through periodicity. This constitutes a short study that I undertook in July 2020;
  • Determinant Integrals: my introduction to an interplay between matrix determinant and Lebesgue integration. I initiated this work in August 2020 and I look forward to developing it further;
  • Sobolev Spaces: a discussion on fine properties of functions that are ubiquitous in the theory of partial differential equations. Some of my own work on PDE theory will be discussed here.

For more aesthetically pleasing plots, check out my Gallery!

Copyright © 2021 Yohance Osborne

Wikipedia page describing Ikeda Maps: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ikeda_map

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